The Warning

by Ras Tinny

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Ras Tinny - The Warning

I say A Warning
When cruelty defines the way your farming
the soil beholds the souls that we put within
down beneath the end and beginning
Of all the life that we livin in
Tinny sing

More time we ah bun Babylon without a warning
We buss them tune deh from the night time till the morning
Its Radikal to keep the daylight for the farming
To keep the youth them from the hurting and the harming
When Radikal and Echo Ranks tell them the warning
When late at night yu hear the dogs deh pon the barking
Its time to wake up from the slumber and the stalling
And well prepared you'll find the ones who heed the warning

the soil beholds the souls that we put within
down beneath the end and the beginning
Of all the life we livin in
I seh Taliras and Lari still investigatin...

Mi tell them happiness is giving
Not the taking nor the living
Accept with grace and give with love
Expect not to be getting
And giving is much different from the lending or the letting
So when you lend, give back in timeprevents I from the lacking
And knowledge is between the good investing and the betting
But wisdom is the foresight for the ethical investing
Ethical investing is investing for the living
And ethically living is the heeding of the warning


released May 31, 2017

Vocals - Ras Tinny
Production - Dan Taliras



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Echobus Records Dublin, Ireland

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